trading from 1924 to 2009 as   "John G Major & Son - Builders & Contractors"

1911 - John George Major (1869 -1933) Master Builder with his 16 year old son John (1896 -1980) sail to Australia from England. Having left his wife, two daughters and a successful building business in Cheshire, John George Major (and son) work hard to establish a home and building business in the new country enabling the family to join them in 1912.

1918 - John G Major (and son) design and build No. 3 Illoura avenue, Wahroonga followed in the early 1920's by No's 5, 7 and 1 Illoura Avenue respectively. No. 3 Illoura Avenue has been the home of Four successive generations of Major builders with their workshop located behind the residence. Through his building business and community involvement John G major formed a close association with Wahroonga residents and a reputation for high quality workmanship.

1924 - John Major (1896 -1980) is given control of the family business and registers the trading name "John G Major & Son". John and his wife Ruby have a family of five sons and one daughter. The eldest son, John George (1924-2012) followed by brothers Frank and Wesley work with the family business.

1945 - A new builders workshop is constructed, on the original site, at Illoura Avenue in anticipation of young John's return from two years active service (Borneo) with the RAAF as a Carpenters Rigger attaining the rank of Leading Aircraftman.

1964 - John George (1924-2012) and Frank Major are given control of the family business. John and his wife June have a family of two sons and one daughter. Both sons, John Timothy (1957) and Stephen work with the family business.

1996 - John Timothy Major (1957) is given control of the family business. The business is incorporated in 1999 as John T Major Pty Ltd trading as John G Major & Son.

2009 - With the sale of the family property at No 3 Illoura Avenue the office and workshop is moved to a new industrial complex situated in King Road Hornsby with the new trading name of  Major Design & Construction.
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